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How I Work

I work directly with clients and also with agencies. I'm a team player, happy to work with your team, or bring my own team of exceptionally talented product namers and bestselling writers. Whether it's collaborating with you as an Independent Contractor for Naming, Copywriting and Brand Messaging,

operating as your Director of Communications, or folded in as a part of your In-house Marketing Team,

my aim is to help you achieve your goals. 

-Portfolio Available on Request-


We'll meet over the phone or online to discuss your needs. We'll cover your intentions and objectives, and how you want your brand to come across. I'll then complete a brand brief for you that we'll use as our guide.


Together we'll review your brand brief to make sure that I'm interpreting your intentions accurately, and that we're on the same page before I begin creating work. I'll then look to bring the information to life through creative names, copy writing and brand storytelling.


Company, Brand and Product Names 

I have 13 years experience ideating creative names for companies large and small. Please contact me for more details.

Brand Storytelling

I'll work on creating your brand voice and story, finding themes that leverage your brand's mission.


Whether it's romance copy, headlines, posters or taglines, I'll craft memorable copy that reflects your identity.

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