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Personal Brand Expert

What Kind of Winning Product Can You Get With Personal Brand Expert Gina Sorell?

Does your product have a winning concept, solution or benefit? It should sell itself then, right? Wrong. The myth from old business is that whoever builds a better mousetrap wins all the business. Unfortunately, there have been thousands of companies and inventors who built ingenious mouse traps only to find out they don’t sell, mainly because no one knows anything about them. Instead, people gravitate to what they associated quality and problem-solutions with, the brand concept. And a brand image is exactly what your product needs if you want to see a viral growth in your sales versus trying to force sales to happen by cold-selling.
Personal brand expert Gina Sorell and Words Make the Brand can give you the expertise to translate your winning product into a winning brand and viral reputation. Through creative collaboration and her experience as a creative director, she is ready to help you tell your story. By proactively generating awareness, your products won’t need pushing through the market; the sheer pull of interest will take care of the movement and put your business in the enviable position of worrying instead about maintaining production growth. If you are in need of a personal brand expert, contact Words Make The Brand today. 

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