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A great name makes all the difference.

I have 13 years experience developing brand and product names for companies large and small and have helped launch dozens of names over the years. I've led name exploration and created names for Consumer Product Goods, Technology, Food and Beverage, Fortune 500 Companies, Start-ups, Small Businesses, Financial Services, Health and Beauty, Wellness and Nutrition. 

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Below are just a few Name highlights I created while at Eat My Words

Plenty: An indoor vertical agricultural start-up that received 200Million in funding, Alert: Wrigley's Energy Gum, Spring Forward: A supplement

Honor Society: A Nashville farm to table eatery, Ready Reset Go: Second Career coaching, Om Matters: A Yoga Lifestyle Brand Seed Money: Crowd funding garden platform, from Roger Doiron, Obama Administration White House Garden Advisor, Wheelhouse: Software, Dig Deep: Funding advisors for municipal works.

Naming Process

Naming Process



We'll meet over the phone or online to discuss your needs. We'll cover your intentions and objectives, and how you want your brand to come across. I'll then complete a brand brief for you that we'll use as our guide.



Together we'll review your brand brief to make sure that I'm interpreting your intentions accurately, and that we're on the same page before I begin creating work. I'll then look to bring the information to life through creative names.



Based on your brief we'll ideate creative names based on the creative directions that we've decided on together.


We'll present names to you along with supporting rationale to review, and discuss which names you'd like to take further into preliminary trademark screening.



Together we'll choose names to send through to preliminary trademark 

screening and review the results with the intention of selecting the best names that also stand the best chances of clearing trademarking. 

Case Studies:

Brand voice

Occupational therapist and child development specialist, Tiffany Kimball needed her new business name and tagline to reflect her belief that all children with challenges can learn, when we reset our expectations of their milestones and see them as individuals.


Tagline: Discover your way. Develop Through Play. 

Copy writing

This family friendly escape room from Liverpool needed a name that was clear, accessible, not too scary and fun.

Tick Tock Unlock was the perfect fit.

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