Copy Writing

Ever Heard of Copy Writing? You Should

If your business is going to have presence, it involves a regular development and push of material for people to consume and pay attention to your presence. Unfortunately, not everyone is a gifted writer. It takes a lot of work, creativity, discipline and skill to consistently push out quality writing for marketing purposes. In the copywriting arena, the messaging moves to an even higher level of expertise, making sure each word contributes to the immediate message and overall message that a consumer should receive. This takes a lot of planning, thought, reference to what has already been done, and staying consistent with the overall marketing plan expected.


Words Make the Brand brings to the table all the copywriting expertise a client needs to communicate correctly in their market. No one wants to be the famous Chevy Nova (Nova means “no go” in Spanish) example due to a basic messaging mistake. Words Make the Brand focuses on what your company is working to achieve, and then communicates that message expertly to your target audience.

Brand Storytelling, Brand Voice, Company and Product Names, Creative Copywriting, Taglines, Headlines, Romance Copy, Creative Collaboration, Communications, Messaging, In-House Marketing, Consulting.

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