A Good Writer is Worth Gold

More so than ever, website content requires ongoing and regular updating of content. And that involves the skills and talent of a really good writer who can generate material regularly but stay on target with the overall message and information campaign. Not only does content matter today via the Internet, it can also have a direct impact on how well people can find your business via search engines and digital searching. Ranking, which affects placement in search results, is based heavily on how valuable the content is on your business website. So, to the extent the content hasn’t been changed, is poor quality, or doesn’t exist, your business is going to get bumped to the bottom of the results and disappear (most folks don’t look beyond 3 pages of results on a search query). Words Make the Brand can solve the perennial problem by giving you the writer resource you need for top quality, consistent and regular content. And that’s how people are going to find your business more frequently, which in turn impacts sales.

Brand Storytelling, Brand Voice, Company and Product Names, Creative Copywriting, Taglines, Headlines, Romance Copy, Creative Collaboration, Communications, Messaging, In-House Marketing, Consulting.

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