Taglines, Those Little Reminders that Sell

When consumers go to the store and business buy supplies or tools, they often do so based on memory triggers. Past experience is a heavy influence on whether a product will be bought again. And while people generally don’t memorize the exact details of each product to buy the exact specs again, they do remember cues that get associated with experience. Aside from product names and brands, taglines are a third marketing trigger that is extremely helpful in pushing consumers towards your goods and services instead of someone else’s. A good tagline with a visual and experience will go a long way towards building brand loyalty than any technical jargon or white paper. While that might sound nonsensical, in reality people put a massive amount of importance on their memories and very little on new, generic information. Words Make the Brand works tirelessly with clients in developing unique, memorable taglines that can easily work as memory cues for consumers and customers. It’s a proven marketing tool, and your company can take advantage of this simple but powerful tactic as well.

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