Brand Voice

If No One Hears Your Brand Voice, Can You Sell?

Most companies don’t really put a lot of thought in terms of who is speaking for them as a brand voice. And that can be a big mistake because the voice can end up being a shrill complaint post on social media that everyone pays attention to, negatively affecting sales again and again. Your company’s brand voice involves how consumers hear, read and see why your business is important to them. It spells out how you solve consumers’ problems better than other choices. But your voice also needs to be heard and seen. Consumers don’t go looking very often for what they are not aware of in the first place.


When it’s time to develop your brand voice, do it right with Words Make the Brand. They are more than just advertising help. Words Make the Brand provides a comprehensive approach to brand development that ties back to your company mission and plan and communicates effectively why consumers should be coming to your business repeatedly so solve their needs. That’s the value of good marketing in brand creation. And when you see it in action, you’ll ask yourself why this step wasn’t taken sooner.

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